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This platform unites consciously acting companies with sustainably ticking target groups. These follow us on social media and regularly romp around on our authentic-travelling platform. Why this is only for the farsighted and what you get out of it.

Is your product or service based on quality, sustainable production and fair use of resources? Is there a lot of commitment, great employees and heart and soul behind it? Then perhaps you sometimes wonder how exactly you can bring this to the right target group, who appreciate it and are willing to dig a little deeper into their pockets for it?

We have analysed this target group psychographically and in years of storytelling as our core target group: They are the counts. And they are so nonconformist.


Your target group

They are extremely problem-conscious and educated. The Grafs are doing well, they belong to the social and economic decision-makers. Nevertheless, they are not indifferent to nature and the environment. Quality comes before price and prestige. The Grafs have a deeply rooted environmental awareness and are headstrong, selective, well informed and creative. 

They study, are self-employed or professionally in a high position. This makes the Grafs a group with purchasing power, which only orders when they are convinced of something. They are classic early adopters who are interested and informed. Our journalistic look behind the scenes does exactly that: give them their own picture. Once they are convinced, they are extremely loyal. You were looking for them, weren’t you?

This is just one of the personas groups of our partner agency blue eyes marketing gmbh. We love to develop communication concepts with this psychographic model. Because it is so tangible. And even statistically proofed.

The Baumgartners, Glanzmanns and Wernlis are also very cool.

„We know how they tick, so we can target them: On our platform, the Grafs meet your story. Journalistic and credible.“

Micha Eicher, creative head of #authentictravelling and yes, also a Graf


Your Content

There are several ways to be part of the autentic-travelling platform. You provide us – if useful – with product, background information and heart arguments. For this we create a surprising, graphically suitable content in text and image, which you can also link to your own media.

What you receive for an annual partnership of $ 200 (special price until the end of July 2019, thereafter $ 400):

  • Short portrait about product or offer on
  • Journalistic portrait text for your own use
  • Unconventional photo of your product, your offer
  • Post on Social Media: Facebook and/or Instagram
  • And thus also access to our clearly defined and well cared for Graf target group.

Photo reportage, field report or an article for your own customer magazine: of course there are so many more forms of cooperation. This is the simplest minimal variant. For sure we are still open to much more creativity. That’s best brainstormed over a cup of tea or coffee together.


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